March 2013

The Christian Science Monitor

Better than expected, but still not enough: can Hadi hold Yemen together?


The South (of Yemen) will rise again (?)

February 2013

The Christian Science Monitor

Yemeni Air Force suffers embarrassing crashes, as Yemenis grow angry at the US


Who is Causing the Blackouts in Yemen?

Foreign Policy

Hostage for a Day

January 2013


Yemeni Tribal Kidnappings are Surprisingly Civil

McClatchy Newspapers

Yemen moves against Al Qaeda-linked militants after talks falter

Top Al Qaeda leader in Yemen, Said al-Shihri, reportedly dies

December 2012

Foreign Policy

Yemen’s Rocky Roadmap

McClatchy Newspapers

Long exiled South Yemen leader Beidh defends his call for secession

November 2012

McClatchy Newspapers

Family, Neighbors of Yemeni killed by US drone wonder why he wasn’t taken alive

The Economist

Trouble again in the North

The Christian Science Monitor

A khat-free wedding becomes big news in Yemen

The Daily Beast

Yemen’s Al Qaeda resurgence?

October 2012

The Christian Science Monitor

Yemenis suspect Iran’s hands in rise of Shi’a rebels

Yemen’s “Death to America” rebels bring calm

McClatchy Newspapers

Anti-US rebels’ triumph in northern Yemen brings peace to embattled province

September 2012

The Nation

Yemen Inflamed

The Daily Telegraph

US Sends Marines to Yemen as Turmoil Spreads

The Christian Science Monitor

Yemen Embassy Breach lays bare anti-US sentiment, Military Weakness

McClatchy Newspapers

In fourth attempt on Yemen’s defense minister, car bomb in Sanaa kills 12

August 2012

McClatchy Newspapers

6 Months after Hadi took over in Yemen, some voice optimism

The Christian Science Monitor

What do Yemenis want from the West? Whitening strips, for one thing.

Yemen militants hit back, leaving at least 20 dead

July 2012

The Christian Science Monitor

Yemen’s Power Vacuum could provide window for secessionists 

Market’s Stocked but Yemenis still starve

Foreign Policy

A Hollow Victory

McClatchy Newspapers

Attack on police cadets shows militants still a threat in Yemen

Yemen’s Focus Shifts from Politics to Hunger

June 2012

The Christian Science Monitor

In Southern Yemen, Al Qaeda leaves overnight

McClatchy Newspapers

Assassin kills leader of Yemen’s fight against Al Qaeda

Yemeni officials tour towns Al Qaeda-linked militants held for more than a year

Yemen recaptures two towns long held by militants linked to Al Qaeda

The Daily Telegraph

Yemenis reclaim towns after war to vanquish Al Qaeda

May 2012

McClatchy Newspapers

Yemen marks Unity Day with somber ceremony after massive suicide bombing

Al Qaeda-linked group claims massive Yemen bombing 

The Daily Telegraph

Nearly 100 Soldiers Killed in Yemen attack

April 2012

The Christian Science Monitor

Yemen’s Hadi surprises pessimists with moves towards reform

McClatchy Newspapers

Reforms come slow in post-Saleh Yemen

Flights grounded at Yemen Airport

The Daily Telegraph

Osama Bin Laden’s Family preparing to Live Incognito in Saudi Arabia

March 2012

The Christian Science Monitor

US Teacher Killing: How religiously open is Yemen?

McClatchy Newspapers

With President gone, Yemen seeks to remake military

Yemen’s weakened military suffers setback against Islamist Militants

February 2012

The Independent

Yemen marks a new era with vote for first new president in decades

McClatchy Newspapers

After year of protests, Yemen’s election a cause of celebration

Yemenis fear there’ll be no change with new president

South Yemen election boycott hints at trouble ahead

January 2012

McClatchy Newspapers

Yemen’s Saleh departs to US for medical treatment 

A month out, expectations low for Yemen’s presidential vote

Yemen activists target popular narcotic: khat

November 2011

McClatchy Newspapers

Yemen’s first post-Saleh vote won’t be much of a contest

A defiant Saleh agrees to step down as Yemen’s president

The Independent

Yemen: Violence continues despite Saleh’s deal to leave

Yemen’s ruler finally agrees to go–but will the regime go with him?

October 2011

McClatchy Newspapers

Yemeni Nobel Winner: Democracy is the best anti-dote to extremism

The Sunday Telegraph

How America finally caught up with Anwar al Awlaki

September 2011

McClatchy Newspapers

Awlaki’s death deprives Al Qaeda of key recruiting voice

Yemen’s Saleh shows no signs of stepping down in TV address 

President returns to Yemen, unsettling an already tense nation

Death toll tops 50 as clashes continue in Yemen

Yemeni troops open fire on demonstrators, killing dozens

August 2011

McClatchy Newspapers

Healthier-looking Saleh tells Yemen he’ll be back soon

Violence in Yemen sends civilians to lives underground

July 2011

McClatchy Newspapers

Yemen’s crisis worsens as president stays away

Yemen’s President on TV, looks worn from bombing ordeal

June 2011

McClatchy Newspapers

Already poor, Yemen taking an economic beating from unrest

Yemenis jubilant at Saleh’s departure, but what’s next?

Yemen’s Saleh wounded in attack on presidential palace

May 2011

McClatchy Newspapers

Yemen’s Saleh losing grip as fighting rages

Chaos swirls in Yemen’s capital as government buildings burn 

With Saleh digging in Yemen protests take on permanent look

April 2011

McClatchy Newspapers

In Sanaa’s ‘Change Square’ demonstrators remain defiant

Unrest Roils Mideast Countries